Once again,. Super Paradise Beach proved to be the hotspot of the island in 2017, drawing an elite and versatile crowd that swears to the unpretentious, laid back atmosphere, beauty, spaciousness and very high quality of services and amenities:  

- The most beautiful weatherproof (windless) beach on Mykonos with varying character during the day. Very quiet in the mornings till noon, to be enjoyed only by those staying in the vicinity.  

- The establishment of the Jackie O'Beach bar as the best party in Mykonos from 5 to 9 pm with drag shows, stand up comedy and pool bars. The chic restaurant stays open till late in the night.  

- A new comer to the beach is the Divine restaurant/bar with exquisite coctails and fusion dining  

- The famous Super Paradise Beach Bar & restaurant at the other end of the beach, caters for a younger crowd, and was at its best in 2017!  

- Bus shuttle to and from the beach to Mykonos town till 11 pm daily.  

- Internet cafe and beach supplies outlet.

- Nearest super market & bakery is 10 minutes away by car.  

- Judging from visitors' response and the keenness of the proprietors' involved, for high quality and innovation, Super Paradise Beach promises to be 'the meeting point' on the island for 2018!  

- Super Paradise beach is also a Contact point for boats going to all the souther beaches ( Lia beach, Agrari beach, Paraga beach)

The History of Mykonos

This cosmopolitan(hot spot) is named after Mykonos, the ancient Greek half - god - grandson of Apollo, the god of Light.

Mykonos is aprt of a group of Greek islands in the Agean Sea known as the Cyclades (Delos, Rinea, Tinos and also a little further away, Syros, Paros, Naxos, Santorini)

It is rumored also from ancient times that the awesome rock formations to be seen in the landscape are petrified debris of the Giants remains, scattered onto the island's surface by Hercelus after he'd take care of them in one of this feats

Other very important gods worshipped here were Dionysus, the god of wine and merry, Demeter, the goddess of agriculture and Poseidon, the god of the sea. These godly traits are still prevalent in the nature of the island today's lifestyle.

So it's party, party, party all the way in the summer months, but not only ... as Mykonos, is physically at its best during the springtime, over the Greek Easter Holidays, where the mood on the island changes... The freshly white-washed houses and pathways, the somber and spiritual athmosphere of the little churches and the splurge of color of wild flowers that carpet the landscape now, offer a very different aspect of the place.

After passing the Holy Week in prayer, fasting and sanctify, just so that one doesn't forget the true energy of the island and it's ancient history and traditions, Eastery Sunday is celebrated excessively by locals and visitors alike, feasting on lamb on the spit, wining and non-stop partying!

Off season attractions

September has a more late back atmosphere, complete windless and with less crowded beaches & restaurants. Light contrast in the landscape are milder with sublime sunsets.

The fireplaces in the units can be used to temper the night chill adding another dimension with a warm and relaxing atmosphere .

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