About the Location

The location of the Super Rockies Resort is ideal to make the most of your Mykonos visit! …a few minutes from the Super Paradise beach!

Just a few minutes walking distance from Super Paradise beach, the Super Rockies Resort is at a comfortable distance from beach activity. The beach has varying character during the day. Very quiet in the mornings till noon, to be enjoyed only by those staying in the vicinity, and a party vibe later on in the afternoon.

Super paradise beach is truly that- the beach has crystal blue- green waters and thick non stick golden sand. Located on the southern part of the island, the beach is completely protected from harsh northern winds prevalent in summer.

The Resort, snuggled between huge epic granite rocks, is located at the centre of the amphitheatrical Super Paradise bay area.

What’s happening on the beach

The famous Super Paradise beach club & Restaurant, closest to us, has undergone a major makeover with beautiful Cycladic décor, upgraded beach facilities and an exclusive boutique with beachwear. ATM available here.

Our brand-new arrival next door, PARAJ, is a restaurant which specializes in fusion cuisine with local produce and sushi bar and an exclusive boutique, and a massage parlour.

We are excited to announce the arrival of a traditional fish taverna on mid-beach this season, which compliments the large variety of cuisines available on the beach. 

Across the bay just five minutes’ walk from the resort, you will find the best of Mykonos’ gay party scene, JackieO’ Beach Club and Restaurant. Jackie O’ has magnificent sea view and hosts disco themed late afternoon parties with extravagant drag shows.

Access and transport

Bus shuttle to and from the beach to Mykonos town till 11 pm daily. Super Paradise beach is also a contact point for boats going to all the southern beaches (Kalo livadi, Lia beach, Agrari beach, Paraga beach and Platis yalos).


Super Paradise beach is a short and scenic drive to the central mountain village of Ano Mera, that provides a quick access by car to beaches Elia, Lia, Kalo Livadi, Agrari. Also the only access to Fokos Beach in the north with its scenic teverna with great food and unspoiled beach. Mykonos town is a 25 minute drive. Nearest supermarket & bakery is 10 minutes away by car.

The History Behind The Location

More about Mykonos’s geography, history and tradition

Mykonos in ancient greek mythology

Mykonos is part of a group of Greek islands in the Aegean Sea known as the Cyclades: Santorini, Naxos, Paros, Koufonisia, Tinos, Syros, Delos, Rinea.

This cosmopolitan hot spot is named after Mykonos, the descendant of mythical king of Delos, Anias, son of Apollo, god of light, and the nymph Rio, daughter of Dionysus Dionysus, the god of wine and merry.

According to the myth, the island’s the peculiar rock formations are petrified debris of the Giants’ remains, scattered onto the island’s surface by Hercules after he’d dealt with them in one of his feats.

Orthodox traditions of the island

Greek Easter Holiday celebrations offer an experience of tradition and religious sanctity. During the Holy Week, the orthodox church proposes a seven-day fasting and churches all over the island practice the eastern religious proceedings uniting the Christians in prayer.

Just so that one doesn’t forget the true energy of the island Easter Sunday is celebrated excessively by locals and visitors alike, feasting on lamb on the spit, wining and non-stop partying the Mykonos way!

As per Christian tradition, each church is devoted to a saint, on the nameday of whom celebrations (a “panigiri”) are organised. If you’re lucky enough, you might just fall upon local celebrations with local musicians with traditional instruments and group dances, so as to centre into the profound energy of the land.